PhD students (click on the links for the students’ personal webpages):

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD in our lab, feel free to email at c.pliatsikas[at],  or use the contact form.

Vincent DeLuca. 2015-present. Project: “Bilingualism Effects in Brain Structure and Language Processing: An (f)MRI methodology”

Toms Voits. 2017-present. Project: “The cognitive and neurological effects of bilingualism on healthy ageing and dementia”. Funded by a University of Reading Anniversary PhD studentship


MSc students:


Holly Davies: Dissertation title: tbc

James Philip: Dissertation title: tbc


Einas Alharbi: Title tbc


MSc students:


Deena Husain Saleh Marshad Falah Alomari. Dissertation title: “Bilingualism advantage on inhibitory control in Arabic/English bilinguals as compared to English monolinguals in the Global-Local task”

Research placements

Nanette Naude: “Bi-/Multilingualism and neurodegeneration: a comprehensive review”

BSc students:


Bethan Taylor & Rachel Willis: “The Cognitive Advantage of Bilingualism on Inhibition in the Global-Local Executive Function Task for Welsh-English and English Individuals.”

Abigail Morley: “The effects of bilingualism and socioeconomic status on perspective-taking abilities”.

Amy Clarke: “Using the NIH Toolbox to investigate cognition in Epilepsy: a case-control design”

Research placements

Cheryl Shu Wern Gan: “An experiment on grammatical processing by native speakers of English”

Wafa Islam: “A longitudinal study on second language usage in immersed bilinguals”



MSc students:


Eleni Konstantopoulou. “Bilingualism: Its effects on brain structure and cognition”. Project funded by a Franklin Grant from the American Philosophical Society.

Candice Harry. “Comparing native English processing of inflection and derivation”


MSc dissertation:

Jennifer Lau. “Investigating the differences between abstract, emotion, and action-related verbs: A transcranial magnetic stimulation study”


MSc dissertation:

Elisavet Moschopoulou. “The effects of naturalistic exposure to a second language on the structure of the brain”