Conferences, workshops, talks -busy week ahead for our lab! Come and say hi!

Next week we will all be engaged in various conferences, talks an events:

-More specifically,  I will be at the Conference on Multilingualism (COM2017) at Groningen, the Netherlands, presenting Vince Deluca’s PhD project with the title:  The Bilingual Gradient: Investigating the effect of the bilingual experience on neural structure. My presentation is scheduled for Monday morning at 11.15 am.

-In the meantime, Vince will be travelling to the USA, to present his project at the annual meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language in Baltimore, where his poster presentation is scheduled for Friday morning at 10 am.

-On Thursday I am invited to give a talk about our research at the University of Westminster, London, scheduled at 5 pm.

-And finally, on Friday Toms Voits and I will attend a workshop related to native language attrition, titled The Importance of the Native Language – Practitioner Day, at Birkbeck College, London.

So good times, and busy times! If you are around in any of these events, come say hi to us!


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