Noam Chomsky at the University of Reading

A couple of weeks ago we were honoured by the visit of Professor Noam Chomsky at the University of Reading, where he was invited by our School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences. During his presence here, Professor Chomsky gave three talks on international politics and on linguistics, which can still be viewed online by clicking through the links below (via the UoR Facebook page):

Racing for the precipice: Is the human experiment doomed?

Generative linguistics in the 21st Century: The Evidence and the Rhetoric (including panel discussion)

If you could ask Professor Noam Chomsky one question, what would it be? (Student-only event)

Our Psycholingustics and Neurolinguistics lab also had the opportunity to informally meet and chat with Professor Chomsky. This has been an excellent week for all of us, full of stimulating conversations and new ideas! Special thanks to my Reading colleagues, esp. Professor Jason Rothman and Ashika Mistry, who oversaw the organisation of all these events.







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