Eurosla 27 – Registration now open

Registration for Eurosla 27 (Reading, 30th August – 2nd September 2017) is now open. Please click on the link below to access the registration website.

Please note that there are TWO DIFFERENT BUTTONS:

The first button is  for  members of staff or students at the University of Reading or keynote speakers/invited speakers for the Round Table.

The second button is for researchers or PhD students from outside the University of Reading.

Registration fees include fees for the Eurosla membership (50 euros for researchers, 30 euros for PhD students).

Accommodation in the halls for residence can be booked through the registration website. It is also possible to book

accommodation in the Cedars Hotel on Whiteknights campus ( after

completing registration but places in the Cedars Hotel are limited. There are also many hotels in Reading which can be booked separately (not through the conference).

Attention speakers: at least one speaker should have registered for the conference by 19th June to secure a place on the programme. Registration will be closed after the 15th August.

We look forward to meeting you in Reading in August.

Best regards,

Organizers, EuroSLA 2017



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