Research visit at Universiti Putra Malaysia

My research visit at the Universiti Putra Malaysia has now come to an end. I visited UPM as consultant for the project named “Effects of bilingualism and multilingualism on grey matter volume in the brain of the Malaysian bilingual and trilingual speakers“, which is led by Associate Professor Ngee Thai Yap, in collaboration with Doug Saddy and Theo Marinis. In the past five days I was given the opportunity to meet the group behind the project, kick start the MRI testing by scanning the first participants at the Pusat Pengimejan Diagnostik Nuklear, and discuss future directions for this research. My schedule also included a presentation about my own research, and also a lecture and a practical workshop on the analysis of brain grey matter data with Voxel-Based Morphometry. In all, this has been a very productive week- and did I mention that I was absolutely spoilt by the Malaysian hospitality?

So thank you for everything Ngee Thai, Shameem, Mei and Bee. I hope to see you all again soon!



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